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The goal of Meritdog Inc. is to empower dog owners to succeed at having the dog of their dreams. Merit Day is a professional dog trainer with 20 years of experience. She is passionate about helping families understand their dogs. She understands a strong foundation of training to build a well-mannered dog must involve the owner, and how to make the integration process enjoyable. Her training steps enable even the newest dog owner to succeed. She takes her role seriously knowing the importance people put on their decision to add a dog to the family.

Merit has several professional certifications earned from expert associations including the PACCC (Professional Animal Care Council) and the IACP (International Association of Professional Dog Trainers). Her educational background is in animal husbandry.  


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In the very near future, MeritDog Training & Services will be offering an online dog training course. You'll have access to online resources and videos used in the successful Meritdog group dog training classes. Engage virtually with a professional trainer, and reach the goals you have for the perfect family dog. Learn skills for good manners, obedience, and tricks from videos, written modules, and completed assignments critiqued by your personal dog trainer. All while remaining secure and comfortable in your home. Stay tuned to learn more about our online dog training opportunities.

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