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Here at MeritDog Training & Services, we understand the strong bond shared between a dog and its owner. We are aware that every dog is distinct. That is why we custom-fit each program to you and your dog’s specific situation. Our qualified trainers have the knowledge and expertise to assist your dog in becoming their best self, resulting in a better, stress-free existence for you both. Our business model is dedicated to helping families navigate the challenges of owning a puppy or adopted dog and raising it into a well-mannered and social part of the family.  We believe in empowering the dog owner to ensure the dog’s well-being. Meeting the needs of both owners and dogs brings harmony and happiness that only dogs can give us. Our lead trainer, Merit Day has been practicing as a professional dog trainer for 20 years. She has an extensive educational background as well as professional certifications earned from nationally recognized pet services associations.

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If you're ready to put your furry best friend on the right growth path for training success then choose one of Meritdog Perfect Programs. Have a caring and qualified expert join your dog's journey. Available to answer questions, and support families as they navigate the challenges of having their first puppy, having a busy schedule, or helping a rescue dog in recovery.


If you're ready to use the latest in positive reinforcement training techniques to build manners, understanding, and good choices by your furry friend, get in touch with MeritDog Training & Services for excellent group dog training classes. With small class sizes your dog will receive group instruction while having their individual needs addressed. Choose which training class you want and then book with us! Questions? Call (918) 998.3447 .


If you're ready to eliminate unwanted behavior from your furry friend, get in touch with MeritDog Training & Services for excellent dog training lessons. Get one-on-one attention focused on the needs of your dog with qualified instructors. With more than 20 years of dog training experience, your dog will receive the latest in positive reinforcement, and behavior modification training techniques. consult with a professional trainer by calling, (918) 998.3447 today.


If your busy life is limiting your ability to train your new puppy or keeping your puppy home alone, drop off your puppy or young dog at day school where professional trainers can teach it manners, good behavior, and obedience, and socialize it in a safe environment. Your puppy or young dog will be exposed to other dogs of different ages and sizes, and two training sessions a day to instill a good foundation for learning and obedience skills. Sign up for a program that includes 2, 4, or 6 weeks* of day school. (*3 days per week)

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