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Six Tips that Teach Your Puppy How to "Learn to Earn"

Updated: May 11

  1. Slow down and give time and space for your puppy to use to problem solve what actions will get it what it wants.

  2. Use immediate encouragement for the puppy to continue actions you like and avoid being part of actions you do not like {so much.

  3. Change your tone of voice between happy high pitch and lower slower pitch as if you're disappointed. Do not use angry or threatening tones.

  4. Keep your communication with your puppy predictable in your actions, the words you use, and the sound of your voice in repeating situations.

  5. Change your expectations of your puppy in small increments and look for their efforts and improvements. Let them impress you.

  6. Focus on and praise the simple actions your puppy can do: following you, looking at you, recognizing meal times or potty times.

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