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6 Tips that Teach Your Puppy Self-Control

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

  1. Place your hands on your puppy's shoulders, neck, and chest area applying slight pressure (like a weighted blanket) while talking calmly holding on to it briefly.

  2. Hug your puppy in your arms for 5 seconds. The puppy might squirm. Release the hug when your puppy is calm.

  3. Play "Red Light / Green Light" games outdoors. Have your body moving and then being still, such as running and stopping or tugging and releasing a toy.

  4. Do not touch your puppy if it is jumping, nipping, or bouncing. Also look away when it does these things. Respond with a calm voice, to your pups attempt to stop these actions itself. When all 4 paws are on the ground then reach and touch or pet the puppy.

  5. Hold your pup's food dish up in your arms and wait for the pup to sit. Count to 5 before placing its food dish down for eating.

  6. Take the time to gently maneuver yourself in front of your puppy to go through doorways first.

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